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Kuala Lumpur


Situated at the strategic central region of Peninsular Malaysia and along the Strait of Malacca with 243.65km≤ in total area is the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. With a population of more than 170 million, Kuala Lumpur is the heart of politics, government, religion, finance, culture, sports, and other educational activities of the nation.

Kuala Lumpur has progressed, became a center of commercial finance in the region.
Today, The Kuala Lumpur Tower and The Petronas Twin Towers has given Kuala Lumpur a new global image of having some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

Multiethnic society coexists in harmony, and different cultures have contributed to the existence of many old and new buildings that became the iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur.

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Penang Island

Penang Island is widely known as Asia's pearl of the Orient. Batu Ferringhi which is located on the northern coast is well developed with intermediate to high-end resorts where you can enjoy a sense of an open resort. The world heritage city of Georgetown is also well-known for its architecture and remnants of British colonial period, filled with many stalls of different kinds and is an extremely vibrant city. It is an ideal travel destination of Malaysia, a place to enjoy both to enjoy both the beach and the historical town!

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Langkawi Island


The Langkawi archipelago is made up of a cluster of 99 islands, sprinkled just off the shores of the Northern Kedah State in Peninsular Malaysia. Pulau Langkawi's landscape is painted with marbled mountains, vast paddy fields and rural villages, white sandy beaches, limestone caves, and virgin rainforests dating back millions of years.


Many beautiful lakes within the island have been well preserved by the local Forest Department. Langkawi is surrounded by the tranquil air and thatís why nature tours are popular. Travelers can take kayak tours to enjoy the sceneries of birds and animals surrounding the mangroves.

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Beach & Island

Malaysia is a paradise surrounded by the sea around Asia. Stay relaxed in the finest resorts, diving underwater and discover the coral world. Characteristics and differences of the season for each area can be much more compelling choice to suit the purpose and travel time.

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